Energy App - Glasgow Future City

Energy App

This state of the art app explores building energy use across Glasgow. You can rate how your building performs against benchmarks and discover how to save money. Start using the latest technology in this area. Be part of the City of the Future!

So what can I do with the app?

Everyone in Glasgow can use this app. It's for every property type - flats, houses, offices, and schools and even leisure centres. Find and link your property to your user account. Then enter basic information about how it’s built, your energy use, and what improvements you’ve already done. The tool then selects other suitable improvements and calculates savings. Don’t worry, the individual data used by this tool is kept private. However, you can view the information collectively across the city, using the interactive 3D map to see how your area compares. You also get a measure of how your property performs against other properties. The more people that contribute, the more accurate a picture we will get of Glasgow. So share with your friends and family, have fun and compare your results.