IES (Integrated Environmental Solutions) is a Glasgow based technology firm. We are the leading global innovator in our field. Which is 3D dynamic thermal simulation and performance analysis of the built environment. So what is that?

It means we use 3D computer models to measure, in an integrated fashion, all factors which contribute to the performance of a building (or group of buildings). We can predict how it will perform before it’s built and how it can operate to maximum efficiency when in use. As well as how you can renovate it to be more efficient. We look at things like the weather, climate, occupancy, materials used, how it’s heated/cooled and renewable energy sources.

As the only integrated platform of its kind we deliver unique tools, technology and expertise. They help in the design, operation and rating of efficient, healthy and affordable properties. We are currently involved in European funded research to bring this technology into tomorrow’s Smart Eco-Community, District and City innovation. Our customers include regulatory and rating agencies, building owners, facilities managers, sustainability and energy managers, town/city planners, and architects/engineers. Learn more at