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How the results are calculated
The Energy App uses the IES dynamic thermal simulation software, the Virtual Environment, or VE to power the results. Hosted on the cloud, the technology has been linked with map data, benchmark information and pre-defined datasets to deliver the apps functionality:
  • It automatically creates a 3D building model from the underlying map data and user entered building data;
  • It links the entered building data to pre-defined datasets (activities, operation, constructions, HVAC systems) that are needed to enable simulation;
  • It automatically populates the 3D building model with these datasets (baseline model creation);
  • It then automatically applies pre-defined datasets linked with selected improvements to the bespoke 3D building model (comparison model creation);
  • Remote simulations of the baseline 3D model and the comparison models are undertaken on the cloud server
  • Results are harvested and delivered to the users account.

Benchmark Data
Building benchmark data has been collated from UK data (public domain) and adjusted by IES & Glasgow City Council to be applicable to Glasgow building stock. It should be noted that the benchmarks are representative of generic building type, age, operation and condition and are intended to be used as a comparator or yardstick only.

Pre-Defined Datasets
IES has created a range of predefined datasets based on its experience in modelling buildings. The datasets represent the performance of a wide range of buildings and the range of improvement options. VE technology is used to automatically apply the datasets to the building model.

Display Technology
The 3D map utilises WebGL technology to make the richness of the datasets for Glasgow possible and interactive. WebGL is widely supported by modern browsers. However its availability is dependent on other factors like your computer’s GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). If it is not working on your device more information can be found on Wikipedia.

Open Data Policy
Glasgow City Council, in line with Open Government policy, will be making anonymised datasets (entered & simulated results) from the Energy App periodically available for non-commercial purposes via the Glasgow CTP portal.

Cloud Server Location
The Energy App utilises cloud servers in the UK only.

The Energy App demonstrates a state of the art commitment to Smart Cities. IES & Glasgow City Council intend to improve the Energy App over time and look forward to the dataset growing and improving. The Energy App is not just a tool but a catalyst for education. We welcome feedback, suggestions and dialog about the project. Please email

IES Ltd and Glasgow City Council wish to thank and acknowledge the following for their roles in the Glasgow Future Cities Energy App:

Technology Strategy Board – Future Cities funding support.
Ordinance Survey – building footprint maps & building basic data.
Open Street Map - underlying static maps.